Petty Privacy Policy (iOS)

This privacy policy relates to Petty which is available on the iOS App Store, its relevant APIs and server component. This privacy policy is applicable to all uses of Petty. It applies to any and all data collected by Petty. The privacy policy may change over time, and the most recent policy can be viewed here.


Petty requests your location to determine nearby petrol stations to you. Location permission is optional and you will be prompted by your device to either allow or deny this permission. If you deny, Petty has no access to your location. If you accept, Petty will use your location to show nearby petrol stations, as well as your location on a map with respect to petrol stations nearby. As of v3.1 (iOS) of Petty, location information never leaves your device. It is not sent to our servers, and is only used for on-device filtering of station information. Prior to this version Petty used the coordinates of your current location to fetch nearby sites from the Fuel API run by the NSW government. You can find the privacy policy of api.nsw at the following address: Petty does nothing else with your location data once it is sent to the API. It is not stored or transmitted elsewhere.

Server logs

Petty communicates with our server to fetch the latest information to display in the app. No server logs or analytics are deliberately collected, however basic technical information may be collected by the default server configuration. Our server host is Linode, and you can read their privacy policy here.

App preferences and settings

When you change or modify a preference or setting in Petty, this preference is stored locally on your device so that the app remembers it the next time it is launched. Some preferences are also synced via iCloud. You can opt-out of iCloud syncing by deleting relevant app data from iCloud and/or turning iCloud off on your device.


No analytics or user data is collected by Petty, other than anonymised opt-in data provided by Apple. There is no third-party analytics or tracking code used by Petty.

In-app subscription

To validate the receipt of an in-app subscription, your receipt data will be sent from your device to our server, which in turn validates it with Apple's server. This contains information relevant to the subscription including but not limited to purchase time and expiry time, but no personal details are stored or collected through this process.


If you have any questions, or would like to clarify something, feel free to get in touch through this link.